Sunday, December 6, 2009

Episode 54 - The Return *hopefully*

its been 2 weeks being back in labuan..
been doing lots of catching up with old pals..
and especially the family..

its near X'mas..
and last night..joined my mum for some X'mas carolling..
its was fun..and damn HOT..
as usual..the food tat we had were amazing..
all sorts..
egg tarts...sushis...cakes..and assorted drinks..
its all in the X'mas mood..LOL~

i think i'm gonna continue with the caroling agian tonight..
WITH my mum of coz..

my buddy Maison sprained his ankle yesterday while bballing..
he reinjured his tat he injured in Curtin...
hopefully his ankle heals and get stronger soon...
also on d same day...
i got a cut on my eye...
well not my eye.but..juz a few cm below my eye...
was bleeding when i first got it..
and thankfully it stopped a few hours later...

and for that...i have a bruised left eye..

being back in labuan for almost 2 weeks...
been dreaming of d same person...well not everynight..
but still...last night was d 5th time..

at first i thought it was coz i text her till i wanna sleep..
and i thought that it was d last thing on my mind..thats y i dreamt of her..
but last night..we didnt text...
and yet..i dreamt..
wondering y so..
but probably..i'll do wad i do best...
ignoring it..
and believe that fate will do its thing.. =)

Friday, September 25, 2009

Episode 53 - Back ! but older T.T

been gone for awhile..actually...
for quite some time..hehehe...
no no ..i did not lie in a coma after d famine..hehehe.. =P
i was busy hanging out with frens..
and at d same time..doing some work..thesis writing..
ah i hate thesis..

as most of my frens all know..
i juz passed my 22nd birthday...
but wad most of u dont know is tat..
i wasnt d only one celebrating..
it started on d 14th of Sept..

14th spet -> Jeannie's birthday..
we prepared dinner for her..
she missed malaysian food..mamak!
so we had our own...
Home-Made Ramli Burger..
here are some pics..

Ramli burger in Aus !!
chicken patty wrapped in egg, garnished with WHATEVER ~!~!

the menu for the night...
sweet potato chips, caeser salad, Ramli Burger..

you could tell that she was lovin' it !!

Jeannie likes egg tarts..
so..we baked her egg tarts as her birthday cake..
efforts of Yeonglee, Zhenjie and me.. ^^
21 egg tarts..*she wasnt ready to be 22 yet*

the gang who helped Jeannie celebrate her DAY !!
PekYoing, Ping Syen, Cherlyn,and Huiru - invited guests

after a long day of hard work..
we felt appreciated...well at least YeongLee felt appreciated..

ZhenJie and I comforted each other..

the next day..MINE!!
15th Sept...

we stayed at Jeannie's place till her day was over..
once d clock hit midnight..
Jeannie's rulling power ended..and mine STARTED !! wahaha..

Wyane and his buddy and GF dropped by..
bought me a birthday cake..
although from woolies..but they ran all the way there..
just to make it in time..
good effort!! lol...
the choc cake was pretty good too..
i liked it !

the gang who dropped by..
Andy, Wyane and Gloria
thanks guys !

my birthday present from ZhenJie, Yeonglee and Jeannie..
looks nice huh!
d gold ribbon made it look so impressive...
but i shud have known...

TADA! Calvin Klein's Boxers..!! comes in 2..LOL... least is braded la har`~

after that..i went home and called it a night...
it was still 15th..
we had dinner at Isobar..
some louge-like cafe-bar place..
food there wasnt bad...i had steak! hahaha...

pics @ Isobar..

Kathy, Wyane and myself..
showing off our food..

2 buddies..having a crack at it..

after Isobar..
we all went home..
i thought tat was it..
but..another suprised was installed..
this time it was from my mum...

she ordered a birthday cake for me !!
thats LOVE !!
Baskin Robbin's Ice Cream Cake..

when i saw and read wads on d cake..
i nearly cried..
Thanks Mum, I Love You so so so so much!

me and my housemates..

the Gang !

my birthday present from WeiMing, HaeYoung and Sim
i wonder y do i always get pants..hmmm...
boxers and skins.. *ponders*

the next day..16th Sept..
ZhenJie's Day..LOL~~
we made arrangementss(Yeonglee and I)
to help make zhenjie's dinner..
they asked me to go voer to their place and discuss..
i went around noon time..

and to my suprise again..
another birthday cake..FOR ME !!!
BARA made choc Hazelnut cake
it tastes so so sooooo GOOD...

after my cake..i went home..
and towards d evening..went over to Bara again..
to help make ZhenJie's birthday card and dinner..
Dinner was Chicken Rice Hainan Style...

card, glue, paper all over..
juz for the card..hehehe...

Jeannie's Hainan chicken..WHOLE !

Japanese Seaweed salad..
i liked this alot...gotta go get some soon !!

ZhenJie going tru his card...
i remembered..
"eh aaron..ur wish copy from google wan ah??"

macam promoting cd bah...

little kid with his prezys...
u dont know what u're getting urself into !!

as this blog is open to public..
some content may be explicit and requires adult supervision...

some pics are not upload here..
do check up on facebook..heaps more there..

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Episode 52 - 40Hours Famine Done !

40 hours famine..DONE !
i've got to wasnt as easy as i thought it would be..
at time..i erally feel like giving up..
and juz at least have a cup of milk or coffee..
but i would be lying to myself...
so i had to use something to motivate me..
something inspirational...motivating..touching..
like some of the images below..

i was ok at first..
till about tueday...10am...
i started to feel hungry..
and i counted..its only d 12th hour..
i've got 28 more hours to go !!
i didnt know wad to do...
but just kept drinking water...
keepin myself bust with lab work..
and in d evening..i went to the forum to do some workout..
by night...d images above were no more in my mind...
instead..images of :

the 3 names that i think about whole night..
salive dripping..
tummy grumbling..
mind going insane..
but eventually..
its mind over matter..
i manage to go through the 40hours famine..
andi manage to get donations of 200AUD..
which i think could feed 25 kids for a month..
pretty impressive eh..
a good deed !!LOL~~
went to forum again today..
worked on abs..
after that dropped by the bball court..
to support keegan's team for their comp..
they were down by 3 at the final few seconds..
and Joe hit the game tying buzzer beater.. !!
in this comp...there were no overtimes..
so the game ended in a tie..
overall..a good game to watch..

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Episode 51 - 40 Hours Famine

doing the 40hours Famine...
its a youth fundraising event..
and i must say,
its one of Australia's BIGGEST youth event..

this fundraising
is a chance to do something
giving up something really important to you,
eg food, technologies..etc etc..
by doing this 40 hours famine,
we would ask for donation,
to help support overseas kids from poverty

some of my friends gave up technologies,
some sleeping in tents,
some gave up tables and chairs..
but me and few others..
Keegan, Anthony, Allison,
Jeff, YeeShan, and another guy *sry forgot ur name*
also there were ZhenJie, YeongLee and Jeannie..

these 10 were the ones who gave up food instead of technologies..

to welcome the start of our 40 hours famine,
we decided to welcome it with our last dinner..
we had steamboat over at Keegan's place..
everyone brought some food and we all shared..

YeongLee, Jeannie, ZhenJie, Me,
Anthony, Allison, YeeShan, *guy*, Jeff
Keegan - cameraman

the amount of food we had tat night..
all prepared for that 40 hours starvation..LOL~
steamboat..clear and spicy soup base..
with all kinds of meat..and vege of coz~

the 3 buddies of mine..
enjoying themselves..
packing in the calories..hehehe

the spicy soup..which was made from Lao Gan Ma chilly paste..
abit spicy eh...
the steam from the steamer coz d whole house to be smokey
lucky they had d fire alarm turned off..

a new dish that was introduced to me..
raw egg as a sauce..
i was hungry so i didnt care if it was yucky or not.. tasted pretty darn good..
excellent with steam boat !!

some random pics of the night..

the dinner started at around 7ish pm...
and we stopped at about 10.30pm...

the countdown of 40 hours started at 10.30pm (monday)
and 40 hours after that would be wednesday 2.30pm..

today is tuesday..10.37pm..
its officially 24 hours since i last ate..
and i am starving..
can only take in water to fill me up..hopefully i could stay full long enuff..
few more hours to go..
and after tat..

Fillet-O-Fish with Chicken Snitzel..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Episode 50 - Project O.I.Y.I.N

A sunday..
what do you normally do on Sundays..
Sundays to me are like..a time machine..
time pass so damn fast..
probably is cause when i greet d day..its afternoon..LOL~

last Sunday..didnt change one bit..
i woke up at 12noon..
went to get some ingredients i needed..
planned to make a desert/ cake/ i-dunno-what-it-is..

after getting them..
went over to YeongLee's place (Bara)..
to start our mission of making a Croquembouche..
its basically puffs stacked to build a cone..
i wanted to do this coz it was OiYin's birthday..
and its pretty interesting to see how MY croquembouche would turn out..

here are some pics..
the team effort for the croquembouche..

Me, YeongLee, Jeannie and ZhenJie..
all having a go at the puffs..
making a hole to pump d filling into the puffs..
PRAYING not to break it..=P
total concentration and steady hands..
total control to pump d filling...LOL
they said i need to control myself well enuff..
or else i'd squirt all over d place...
*sounds so damn wrong
our first go at the puffs..
as can be didnt puff like we wanted it to...
so..we had ourselves a couple of deflated puffs as snaks..LOL~
HA! this is much more like it ey~
looks good..taste pretty darn good too..LOL
we improvised by adding eggs on top..
got a more glossy look..
superb ~~!!!
after 6 hours of hard work and efforts..
finally the Croquembouche is done..
we started at 1pm..and ended around 7pm..
and the result was..
our end product of hard work..
Croquembouche with strawberries..
the puffs were stacked with melted caramel..
strings of caramel flowed from the top to the bottom..
and duested with a little touch of caster sugar..
finished with strawberries...

Happy Birthday OiYin..
we all hope u liked it..
and would of the best cakes u've ever received??hehehe...
i know got 1 unbeatable la..LOL~
itu high class beli punya mar...hahaha..